The Association is concerned that their industry, which is inherently dangerous if not well run and regulated, could fall into disrepute and therefore it is felt that the engineering team providing the service should be well trained to the correct standards and should at all times be ethical and responsible for their actions.


Further the Association will keep its members informed of developments or technological improvements of which it becomes aware of in the industry and also to disseminate by way of media and seminars training and other practical information to keep its members professional development current.


To achieve these ideals the Association will actively lobby to be represented on all forums where the government’s regulators formulate policy where Association members will assist wherever possible. The Association will also attempt to become involved in the International Industry forums and Associations of peers where presently many informal and long term working relationships already exist.


The Association will also assist wherever possible to create the correct standards for both equipment and staff, who use and maintain them by endeavouring to have staff evaluated and registered by the Engineering Council of South Africa.


Lastly, this not for profit association wants to represent all members of this industry at all levels and recognises that any task is performed by a team of interdependent members who all form part of it and are responsible for their actions.