What about a Cover Letter?














What makes for a good applicant cover letter?



The purpose of the cover letter is to accompany the CV when you express interest in a job. Cover letters highlight and supplement resume information.

The first paragraph of a good cover letter will start with a clear statement identifying the specific job title of interest.

Then the next paragraph will point out the connection between the most significant job requirements and your background. Indicate briefly where in the resume these points are addressed and how they address the employer’s needs.

There might be an opportunity to state how beyond one’s skills and experience you will be a fit with the organization. This could take the form of being “on the same page” as the organization’s mission or having a career trajectory that is consistent with where the company is headed.

A good cover letter:

  • Accompanies a CV

  • Is short and to the point

  • Is in the email body – not a MS Word document

  • Is readable in within 5 seconds (otherwise it will not be read at all)

  • Is not copied off a template

  • States why you are fit for THIS job

  • Does not go on about how you “love to work with people” and that you are a “fast learner” (this guarantees a hit of the “delete” button)

  • Supports what your CV says – don’t try to motivate if your CV does not support your claim

A short, concise cover letter accompanied by a professional CV sent to the right person for the right job is the first step towards securing the interview for the job you always wanted.

Do it right the first time. Proof read before hitting the send button.This might be your only opportunity to make a good impression.