Lifting Placements provides a Specialised Recruitment Service to the lifting equipment industry, nationally and in Africa. Our integrated service is primarily focused at employment opportunities available to LMI (Lifting Machine Inspectors) and LTI (Lifting Tackle Inspectors) as well as other professions in lifting support.

Highly focused in providing recruitment solutions, we are a recruitment service provider to the private and public sector as well as smaller lifting operations. Our excellence and reputation in the lifting industry will secure us a position as a preferred supplier and supplier of choice status, with major national and multi-national lifting corporates in South Africa and the African continent.

Our relationships are based on trust and the knowledge that we understand and care about the needs of both our clients and our candidates.  We see our relationships with both parties as investment partnerships, as opposed to random once-off opportunities. We seek candidates we and our clients can invest in long-term - and equally we seek opportunities for candidates that will represent an appropriate context for them to invest their best value. 

We strive to ensure that our industry partners are guaranteed access to high quality candidates. Our selection process is designed to economise and streamline our value offer to clients and candidates and so we align ourselves with those who resonate most acutely with our vision and values. At Lifting Placements we seek leaders in both our candidate and client selection processes.

Our strive is to ensure the highest quality of organisation or company in which to invest the skills and abilities of our candidates.


Our preferred choice of employers are those willing to invest in quality candidates – even custom designing and creating positions when necessary - to ensure that they obtain the best person for their organisation.


All employment sectors of the lifting industry are serviced:

LMI; LTI; Marketing; Sales; Production; Manufacturing; Quality Assurance; Regulatory Affairs; Operations and Management.

An extensive database of qualified candidates nationally offers a total client solution - serviced on permanent, locum and project management basis.

Our infrastructure with integration and exposure of the lifting industry nationally, ensures our clients optimum recruitment solutions - the best and broadest possible skills available, immediately. Employment seekers have access to national opportunities, where they can develop their skills and pursue their chosen career path.

Select Lifting Placements as THE Recruitment Company to assist with your recruitment solutions.


Secrecy and confidentiality is not the same thing. Confidentiality is a necessary component of any relationship built on trust; secrecy however, implies deliberate withholding of information. Carefully structured and managed career pathways means that career movements can be mapped in advance and so they can be openly shared between candidates and clients. It is our understanding that this transparency and foresight will streamline and economise the recruitment process for all involved.