Have you ever read a CV and thought: "Now this is cheesy"? Follow these easy guidelines to not fall into the same trap:

  1. Do NOT populate your CV with fluffy info e.g. "I am a fast learner and like working with people". Everyone says that! Rather state what your actual skills are and in which industry/environment.

  2. Avoid smart fonts, multiple colours or a computer image of a graduation cap, eagle or someone working at a desk on your CV. It does not add value. Keep it neat and simple.

  3. Under "Work History" - do not leave unexplained periods as it begs for answers. Be transparent by stating that you stayed at home to raise children or went on a one year sabbatical.

  4. Do NOT use "neighbourhood slang" or texting language in any CV or correspondence.

  5. Do not type sentences in CAPITAL LETTERS (= shouting in e-language) or forget to use capital letters where appropriate e.g. "i am applying for..." Applying for a job is a formal process - you want to create a good first impression.

  6. Do expand abbreviations - not everybody knows what your version of your abbreviation you refer to. People might think that UFO refers to "Unidentified Flying Object" when you actually meant "Unified Film Organization"!

  7. A separate cover page (CURRICULUM VITAE OF JOE BLOGS) is a nice idea but wastes space and is an obstacle to getting to the important bits.

  8. Do NOT place your real ID photo, the one where you are posing with the lion you hunted last winter or the photo of you and your friends having a drink on your CV. A recent professional head-and-shoulders photo which you feel comfortable with will suffice.

  9. Do NOT rush to complete your CV or submit an old or incomplete CV. It irritates the reader and portrays you as an incomplete person.